Early Learners’ Pre-School, Chipping
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Early Learners’ Curriculum

The New Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our focus on children’s development and learning is guided by The Revised Early Years Foundation Stage (DfeS 2014), which came into practice in September 2014. We aim to reflect the key themes and principles in our curriculum. The EYFS guidance can be downloaded HERE

Key Person

We operate a key person system which gives each member of staff particular responsibility for a small number of children. When they start pre-school, and have settled in, each child will be allocated a member of staff. This staff member is responsible for forming an important bond with your child which will include observing their learning and development, ensuring that your child’s interests are noted, and being a person who your child feels comfortable and confident with to ensure that time spent in pre-school is a happy one.

Learning and Developing through play

Children learn through play.  Play is important to young children as it gives them the opportunity to think for themselves, when children think for themselves they are learning and developing. Our activities are a mix of child and adult led, and our staff understand how and when to intervene to ensure that children are benefiting from skilled interaction to develop their learning.


We assess how your children are learning and developing through careful observation, planning and robust assessment processes. We actively develop children’s ownership of their own their learning journey, skillfully scaffolding the learning of each individual child.  Staff record children’s progress, development and learning through individual learning journal. The contribution of parents to their child’s journey as a learner is essential . We gather information from parents at key points of transitions in learning and make effective use of this to differentiate learning experiences for each child, Within our setting we provide ‘Sharing the Learning’ meetings twice a year, in addition to parents open evenings where staff are on hand  to discuss children’s progress and offer additional guidance on any Early Years matters you feel you would like to discuss.

Promoting British Values

Early Years Settings along with schools, and further education institutions can help to promote the fundamental aspects of British Values in their teaching and care of children of all ages. British Values is summarised as: “Promoting the fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs” Dfe

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A tour around the facilities we have for play and learning both inside and outdoors